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Giving Charleston Homeowners an option for a sell with a trusted Agent is why we exist!

Long story short

We sell houses in Charleston and the surrounding areas.  Our team is from Charleston and we take it seriously with selling houses and helping homewoners get the best deal in selling their property.  We knew we were on to something when more people started calling us to help them sell their homes, too.

Chucktowners is a group of local real estate professionals in Charleston, SC which help to guide house sellers in the process to sell their homes.  We are not brokers!  Many in our group don’t even have real estate licenses, but we’re knowledgeable about real estate and online marketing, and know how to:

  • Market your home to sell in today’s world
  • Procure a trustworthy, and dependable sales agent that can actually sell your home
  • Actually sell your home this year

We specialize in Charleston Real Estate– it’s our area of focus, and we are one of the areas most trusted home selling groups in Charleston.

Over the years, there isn’t a challenge with selling a home in the area that we haven’t seen.  That said, we are confident in our abilities to sell houses in Charleston and surrounding areas.  Sometimes we also deal with selling other types of properties (like, land and commercial real estate), though, our specialty is in single-family homes for sale in Charleston.

Our organization was started by a group of dedicated people who saw a gap in the market– there’s a lot of buyers out there looking for new properties to buy in the Charleston market and we asked ourselves: why aren’t other real estate professionals taking a more proactive approach to helping the seller sell their home?

Chucktowner™ was started with you in mind.  We sell houses in Charleston and we’ve helped sellers get the offers they’re looking for using our creative real estate listing services — and it’s earned us high-ratings on review sites, like, Yelp!

How We Help Charleston Homeowners

Our team of Charleston real estate professionals help you to get the real estate agent that you can work with to sell your house and find a new place to call home.  We aim for establishing win-win relationships and leverage those relationships to help people like you sell their home in Charleston so you can move on to greener pastures!

By talking one-on-one with our rep, you will get everything you need to properly get your house listed and marketed so it can be sold sooner!  All it takes it a phone call to see how we might be able to get your house listed and sold soon.

Call us (843) 507-4454

So Who Are You?

We are Charleston Real Estate Matchmakers™ at Chucktowner — a real estate service which helps to connect you with trusted agents (not their brokers) and compounds their list of buyers with our network  home buyers in Charleston.  It’s like a double-whammy in the local real estate game!  Our pros  know where to go, and who to trust when listing your home on the market and who will actually be able to sell it.  Of course, you make the final decision, though, our matchmaking skills are airtight.  We are local real estate professionals you can trust to guide you through the house selling process.  Click here to learn more about Chucktowner.

We’re not brokers who are trying to list your house and hope a buyer will come along; we are actually the team that will align you with an agent to sell your house in Charleston with a network of house buyers!  It’s up to you to make the decision on who to call to list your house when you’re fed up with the FSBO approach.  We just help you get the agent ready, willing and able to sell your house and abide by a strict no-pressure policy so you have complete control and visibility during the entire house selling process.

Here’s why local residents in the Charleston area love working with us:

  • We’re not brokers.
  • We actually handle the marketing and selling for you so you don’t have handle the extra work along with setting up all the appointments — we’ll take take care of it!
  • We work with only the most qualified agents in the Charleston market that will actually sell your home and meet your demands.
  • Plus, you’re in control throughout the entire process with complete visibility– you decide IF you want to accept our buyers’ offer/s and you determine WHEN you want to sell the house.  We keep it simple for you.

Chucktowner is a real estate solutions company located in Charleston, SC.  We are a small real estate company which focuses on Charleston and surrounding neighborhoods in the area.  We focus a lot on the the areas, like, Historic Downtown, Mount Pleasant, James Island, West Ashley, and Hanahan.  If we can help you, don’t hesitate to call us anytime!

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